What’s new about Suzuki Nexa cars in 2022 

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Suzuki Nexa, well known for its innovative range of cars, launches something new every year to make its users’ experience more comfortable and affluent. It defines the thrill of driving by focusing on innovative and inspiring technology in the automobile industry. For the last 5 years, Nexa has been enlightening its users’ journey through its models. 

Throwing light on its 1st launch the S-Cross made one’s ride an enchanting one even on the rough roads, followed by Beleno which stands out for its classic design and unique features. Further Nexa ignis comes up with its highlight of comfort driving through busy city roads. Not only this it kicks starts with a premium range of cars through the launch of Ciaz having a mixture of luxury and creative technology. Other than these top models, Nexa continues with the launching of premium car models. 

Talking about Nexa’s new launch in 2022 it is mainly going to be with the update of Baleno. The comforting Baleno car servicing made this model reach the topmost consistent one in the sales of the Nexa car brand Since Baleno was last updated in 2019, changes would be made on renovating its interior and exterior look giving it the name of Baleno Facelift.

 Key highlights of new baleno exterior  design 

  • The new Baleno looks forward to having a more large stance that enlarges till the headlamp assembly. 
  • Headlamps have been reinvented with a new L-shaped design having a new daytime lamp indication. 
  • The car front would be designed with a wide air dam and fog lamp on both front sides. 
  • The car would be made with more shiny tail lamps along with a newly planned tailgate. 
  • The overall look of the car would be more violent with round portions. 
  • The car would also get brand new designed wheels. 

Key changes to be seen in baleno interior design

  • A wide touch screen without a stand would take up the space of the dashboard.  
  • The AC brooches with a much more gleaming look would be horizontally placed below the screen. 
  • Dashboard would be designed with a layered touch with aluminium insert. 
  • The dashboard would be having good quality plastics with the latest switch gears for better climate controls. 
  • The interior would get more updated with a flat-bottom steering wheel having lavish additional features like self- operating headlamps and wipers. 

The Other exciting feature in the new baleno are-

  • The car would be having a new infotainment system used through a nine-inch screen. 
  • The new infotainment system would include car technology giving access to use tracking alerts, a car finder facility, and much more. The system would also be easily compatible with IOS and Android systems. 

So excited to buy the latest Baleno facelift? Go to any Baleno service center near you to buy yours soon. 

Apart from Beleno, there would be other cars lined up for launch in 2022 mainly Alto 2022, Solio Jimny, and XL6. Despite the launch of new cars by Nexa what remains intact would be its passion and craving for something unique and out of the ordinary at every level of its journey as a trusting car brand. 

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