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Looking for an auto workshop staffed by the finest mechanics? You’ve come to the right place. KP Automotives provides the best auto service experience in town. We constantly believe in assessing your needs and providing a comprehensive walkthrough on every fulfilled service since “Trust” is our mantra. We Care About Your Car.

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We care about your car

In search of a car workshop with the finest professionals? Good thing, you’re at the right place. We at KP Automotives offer you the best car servicing experience in the city. Assessing your needs and delivering a detailed walkthrough on every completed task as “Trust” is the mantra we always believe in.

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KP Automotives has you covered for everything from expert periodic services to denting and painting, vehicle wash services to insurance claims. Every need of yours is our duty, and we strive to make the most of it for your vehicle.


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Expert Engineers

All our mechanics and technicians are well-trained and upskilled about the new techniques and the usage of equipment to lend the best hand to your car.

Low Cost

We purchase our spare parts and consumables in bulk, which turns out to be cost-effective. And we deliver this benefit right back to you!

Trusted Work​

You can always count on the expertise we offer. “Trust” being our mantra, we care for your car and offer you the best of services.

High Quality​

Relying on our high-quality services as the experts and the procurements used are the finest to choose from.

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