Maruti car maintenance

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Maintaining a Maruti car is important; in fact, maintaining any kind of vehicle is crucial. The urgency and importance of servicing are for the longevity of the vehicle. One needs to test all parameters for maintaining a car that includes tires, engine, body, brakes, and every other little thing. Proper maintenance ensures that these parts remain in good condition, thus avoiding any upcoming disasters on the road.

One might think that slight maintenance is manageable at home by yourself, but well, that is not the case here. Even the manual instructs that after some time, you need to take the 

Here are the top 5 maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your Maruti car:

  1. Brakes
  • Brakes are the most important part of your car to ensure your and your family’s safety. It is thus a mandatory part to check the condition of the brakes to prevent any unwanted incidents from occurring.
  1. Brake Oil
  • The brake fluids load the car, and it boils when the brakes are put under heavy pressure. All of this results in spongy brake pedals, which reduces the effectiveness of your car’s brakes. Thus you need to check the brake oil and change or replace it every two years.
  1. Hand brakes
  • Make sure that your car’s brakes are neutral and the clutch is pressed. Keep pressing the handbrake more often, especially when the car comes with an automatic transmission. The brake linings and brake pads should always be observed and kept in their shape. The shape should be adjusted if you find them in the wrong shape. 
  1. Engines
  • Who doesn’t know that Engines literally drive cars? To ensure the engine works properly, it is very important to check the engine oil regularly. It ensures that your car’s mechanical parts function smoothly. If not done regularly, then your engine will wear and tear, which is dangerous for your safety and the vehicle’s longevity. 
  1. Tires
  • The tires are responsible for the balance of your vehicle. Remember to keep up with the tire’s pressure. Check it regularly 
  1. Air Conditioner
  • Check the air conditioner. Here are the five things you need to check in the air conditioner :
  • compressor
  • refrigerant gas
  • condenser
  • expansion valve 
  • evaporator
  • It is important to individually maintain these components to ensure that the air conditioner of the car works perfectly. During the servicing of your cars, the service provider will check the level of the refrigerant gas. The air conditioner will stop working properly if the refrigerant gas is low. Along with the wires and fuses, you also need to check that there is no accumulated dust and dirt in the gas chamber. 
  1. Cooling System
  • As we all need a cooldown, likewise The cooling system of the car is of utmost importance as it protects the king – the engine of the car. Auto spa car wash for your car is also important .The cooling keeps the car from overheating. It becomes essential to check the coolant at regular intervals. What should you check in the cooling system while under service ? 
  1. The pipes
  2. The hoses 
  3. To check the pressure cap, it is not defective.
  • All of these plus ask your service provider to check for malfunctioning and leakages in the coolant. 

Getting service for you, Maruti Suzuki, is crucial as well as essential. We at KP Automotives render an array of services of car maintenance and repair. Make sure you follow a regular calendar to maintain the servicing dates. To know more details about our services, visit our website Kp Automotives

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