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Your car is your utmost love and investment and the peeling of the car is definitely not something that you want to see. Vehicle dent repairing and painting are very important when you start seeing peeling. So first thing first you have to understand the reason behind the paint peeling.  Your car’s dent and paint repair should be your utmost concern. Here in this post, we will be talking about car paint peeling issues, and here is what to do and where to go?

So, when we are talking about car paint we are pointing at three different layers. That includes base, paint, and a protective coating. Once the delamination process starts nothing can stop this. So let us get to know what causes this process.

  1. Scratches: The clear protection coat works as the seal. So by any chance, any scratch takes place, it compromises the seal and welcomes the contaminants. And if you don’t treat it as soon as you see it is going to create a mess and this leads to delamination.
  2. UV exposure: Continuous ultraviolet rays from the Sun can harm the color of the car.
  3. Chemical cleaners: You must be careful while using the chemical-infused cleansers, it may harm your coating and while washing it will rinse off the color coating also.
  4. Pressure washing: If the color coating is scratched even a little bit, pressure washing can cause a disaster. Holding a spray nozzle directly on the scratch might help the water get under the paint. And it leads to the deterioration of the paint.
  5. Winter: Winter may also cause delamination. The very cold temperature can itself cause the brittle of the clear coating.

How to paint your car properly:

Examine and clean the particular area: Identify the infected area and give it a thorough wash. A small flaky patch can make a bigger problem. So find it out.

Sand the area:  Properly sand the area, reach down to the primer layer, and clean every bit of infected paint. As you find the bare metal smooth and paint-free you can start with a new coat of primer, then paint and protective coat.

Apply Prime: If you spray paint the metal it won’t stick to it. So you have to prime it before spraying paint. It takes a couple of coats to completely cover the metal surface. Just take your time and smooth the metal as much as possible.

Apply the paint and the clear coat: Add 2-3 coats of paints above the primer. And the same layer of coats of the clear protective coat. Then you will have your car back to you in a healthier and shinier way.

How to protect the car from peeling:

  • Wrap it up in a clear plastic film and it might help you to cover your car from anything.
  • Always park your vehicle under the shade and give it small breaks in between.
  • Always keep your automobile clean and wash off the contaminants and chemical particles.
  • Get your peeling paint fixed. Don’t just paint above it. Make sure your entire damaged area is fixed.
  • If you find any nip scratches or rust you must fix it properly as soon as possible.
  • Keep keys or rough brushes away from your car. Scratches are problematic.

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